Test Results

Sample Test Results

Track your test results every time you donate.

We report blood pressure and cholesterol results to each donor online.

Starting October 1, 2018, OBI will no longer mail letters to notify blood donors of test results, including cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

Results from your donations will be available online. You may set up an online donation profile with your name as you enter it upon donation and your donor identification number. You will also receive courtesy e-mail reminders regarding results, so if you do not have an e-mail on file, please let your screener know to help you access results online.

Your health is our number one priority, and we’re taking our concern a step further with Donor CareNection! Donors who have three consecutive elevated blood pressure and/or cholesterol screenings, or who are anemic, will now be contacted through our new Donor CareNection program. If you do not have a doctor or local healthcare provider, we will provide you with some suggestions. We appreciate your commitment to our life-saving mission, and we are committed to supporting your good health.

Below is an example of how test results are displayed.