Global Blood Fund

An international charity founded by OBI in 2008, Global Blood Fund is on a mission to improve access to safe blood transfusions for the countries and communities who need it most.

Donate your gifted T-shirt the next time you give blood and you'll be supporting GBF's lifesaving work.

Make a world of difference, here and abroad.

Since its founding by OBI in 2008, Global Blood Fund has sought to improve transfusion care by helping some of the world's poorest countries collect sufficient, safe blood. The charity has provided aid in more than 50 countries in that time through grants, training and lifesaving equipment. Here's a quick snapshot of the hugely impactful work being done through Global Blood Fund:

  • 50,000 blood bags delivered to Cameroon, Ghana and Syria
  • 2,000 portable donor beds supplied to Bangladesh, Cambodia, Lesotho, Mexico and Nigeria
  • 2,000 blood mixers/scales delivered to Botswana, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Peru, Rwanda and Tanzania
  • 17 mobile donation vehicles given across three continents

Become an Open Arms partner.

None of this would be possible without your generous donations, and one of the best ways to do that just so happens to be the easiest. Any time you give blood through OBI, you'll be asked if you would like a T-shirt – our way of saying thanks – or would like to instead donate the cost of the shirt to the Global Blood Fund. If you choose to forgo the shirt, congrats! You're an Open Arms partner.

For more information on Global Blood Fund, visit We will also be posting Global Blood Fund's latest humanitarian efforts on our blog, The Blood Matters Blog.

Keep Your Shirt, Give Directly

Don't want to give up your OBI T-shirt? That's understandable, we love them too! That's why we've created several other paths to a Global Blood Fund donation. You can:

  • Text "blood" to 52000 for a $10 Global Blood Fund contribution
  • Make a one-time or recurring donation through
  • Convert your Donor Store points into a GBF donation