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As medicine and the needs of patients evolve, so do we. We advance the science of blood banking by conducting research, developing innovative technology solutions and connecting potential research subjects with studies available in their area.

Our Blood Institute donors know the role we play in ensuring blood is available when needed most, but we are also dedicated in our mission to improve our world through industry-leading science and innovation.

In service of that mission, OBI’s Research & Development team works closely with scientists to develop cutting-edge treatments and identify compelling research opportunities. Below, you’ll find our R&D team’s current list of studies, along with reimbursement rates for time and travel.

Current Opportunities

Interested in participating in one or more of the studies below? Call 405-297-3240 and a member of our R&D team will answer any questions you have and get you scheduled.

  • All of Us

    All of Us is an exciting program from the National Institutes of Health. The mission of the program is simple: to speed up health research. And they’re asking one million or more people to lead the way.

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  • Mononuclear cell apheresis | $250
    • Apheresis procedures like plateletpheresis

    • The cells that are collected are used by researchers and biotech companies to develop immune cell-based cancer therapies

    • Some of the donations are used as the staring material for a immune cell based drug that is undergoing clinical trials in patients

  • Hematopoetic progenetaor cell donation | $750
    • Apheresis procedures like plateletpheresis

    • Prior to procedure, donors are given subcutaneous injections of a growth factor that causes immature blood cells to be released from the bone marrow into the circulating blood

    • The cells that are collected are used by researchers and biotech companies to develop immune cell-based cancer therapies

    • Some of the donations are used as the starting material for a immune cell-based drug that is undergoing clinical trials in patients

  • Bone marrow donation | $500
    • The amount of blood removed is the same volume as occurs in a normal blood donation.

    • These products are used to harvest mesenchymal stromal cells, which are used to promote growth in damaged tissue

    • Donors are admitted to a local surgery center

    • Donors are given conscious sedation anesthesia. The donor is asleep, but not sedated to a level that requires a breathing tube

    • A special needle is inserted into the hip and bone marrow is removed

  • Glaskosmithkline plasma donation | Reimbursement rate varies
    • Donors are screened for high levels of a specific blood factor

    • Selected donors are asked to donate plasma

  • Research samples | Reimbursement rate varies
    • Research-specific samples drawn from relevant populations

    • Requirements vary


Founded by Our Blood Institute in 2015, BioLinked presents an easy way for our incredible donors to save lives and contribute to medical breakthroughs through clinical research uniquely tailored to them.

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A partnership between community-based blood centers who are committed to providing safe blood products while also supporting new cell therapy creation.

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