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Briley Hostas Story

The Hostas family glowed with joy at the birth of their first child, Briley.  They could have never imagined their precious daughter would need blood transfusions for serious medical conditions not once, but twice, before she turned 5! 

Life was great for the Hostas with lively, happy Briley who seemed healthy.  But things changed quickly, and Briley was diagnosed with leukemia, a blood cancer. At age 3, she was hospitalized and needed blood from numerous donors as she battled for her life.  In just three months’ time, she required as much as six platelet transfusions.

Briley“Each time Briley received the blood transfusions, we were just so thankful that there was blood ready and available for her,” said John Hostas.  Thankfully, the chemotherapy treatments seemed to be working.

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