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How Blood Donors Saved My Life

by Erin Green, blood recipient

October 17, 2013 did not go as anyone had pictured it. It started as a day filled with anticipation and excitement as I was admitted to the labor and delivery floor to have our first child – a baby girl we named Georgia. It was the day after my due date, so she was actually quite punctual. Erin Green meets donors and staffAfter a pretty easy labor and a smooth delivery of our 8 pound, 8 ounce healthy baby girl, I began feeling ill. The medical staff equated it with a drop in my blood pressure and tilted my bed back to make me feel better, which worked initially. I had lost more blood than normal during the delivery, and it still seemed like there was something wrong.  My doctor told me that I was continuing to bleed and she couldn’t see where it was coming from, so we needed to go to...// Read More

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Media Releases

  • Blood Donors Sought To Save Lives

    March 2015 — Blood donors with Texas Blood Institute (TBI) can give the priceless gift of life to patients in our area without spending a dime. Anyone who is healthy and 16 years* or older is urged to donate.

    One donation can...// Read More

  • “Share The Love” this February

    Texhoma residents can ‘share the love’ this February by donating blood with Texas Blood Institute (TBI).  All healthy adults, 16 and older*, are urged to make donation a top priority. Each donor will receive an appreciation...// Read More

  • Donors Rewarded With Zoo Tickets

    June 1 – All Texas Blood Institute (TBI) donors will receive two admissions to the Oklahoma City Zoo.  Those who make time to give during June can enjoy summer fun at our neighboring state’s number one tourist attraction. ...// Read More