Legacy Blood Drives

Kalista Altom

Kalista Jane was one of a kind, walking to the beat of her own tune, loving Jesus, her family, singing, sweet-tea, basketball, horses and going barefoot! These are just a few of the unique qualities that Kalista possessed! She was described as having a heart of gold and being a light to those around her. She was always smiling and full of energy. It was hard to be down when Kalista was around. She made your heart feel full. She took on the motto, “In a World of Roses, be a Sunflower!” Kalista was most definitely a Sunflower! Her beauty was not only evident on the outside for the world to see but radiated from within.

Kalista Shae-Lyn Altom was born November 22, 2003, to Timothy and Brandy Altom. She grew up having three older brothers, Brandon, Caleb, and Daniel who were not only her protectors but supported her throughout her life. She grew up having no fears (well besides clowns and ‘little people’) and lived life to the fullest. Family meant a lot to Kalista, and she treasured each one of her family members to the fullest extent possible.

No one ever wondered where they stood with Kalista because she wasn’t one to hide anything. She stood for what she believed and would stand toe to toe with anyone when she thought she was right.

Kalista left a legacy of ‘giving’! She became an organ donor and gave blood every time she could. Her thought was she may not be able to help people financially, but she could help save a life by giving blood. Even through death Kalista is still leaving a legacy today!