On the Road

Ada BloodmobileOur bloodmobiles take to the road so people, who want to give blood but live too far for this to be convenient at our donor centers, can give. Except for holidays, bloodmobiles roll across our state daily to greet blood donors who have organized drives in their communities. They are often used at businesses or other smaller settings when space at the drive is limited.

When people step inside our bloodmobiles, they are amazed to see a setting much like our donor centers. Recliners with individual TVs make donating blood comfortable.

Each year, patients in the hospitals we serve rely on donors who step up to our bloodmobiles to give. Some 34,230 units of blood are given on our coaches each year. Of course, the wear and tear on the vehicles is tremendous.  The life span of a heavily used blood mobile is short. 

To continue to meet the need – and our donors where they are – new bloodmobiles must be purchased regularly.  Discontinuing use of those with more mileage on them is our careful practice to ensure the highest level of safety and service.

Your support through the Bloodmobile Fund can keep us rolling!

Bob Grant