Mission Statement

Texas Blood Institute has a rich history that has grown with medical advances as more services are offered to the health care providers we serve than ever before. Our accomplishments and today’s scope of work would astound our founders.

Although true to its beginnings and fundamental principles, in January 2010, our leadership chose to refine the mission statement to better reflect our uniquely local, life-saving purpose.

Texas Blood Institute‘s Mission

To be the donor-to-patient lifeline; providing our communities and medical partners security by meeting transfusion and health care needs.

Blood recipient Alyssa Baker meets 8 of the donors who saved her life at our annual Blood Thanks & Giving Day.
Alyssa Baker was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma at the age of 16.  During treatment, she received blood from 48 donors.  In 2010, cancer free and a freshman in college, she excitedly met 8 of them.

Bob Grant