Could You Be The Match?

Kamryn Dukes is an 11-year-old who needs a marrow transplant. Blood donors keep her healthy while she waits for a match. Kamryn’s family hopes everyone who is eligible to join the Be The Match registry will so Kamryn and others who need a transplant will find a match.

Your Donation Saved A Mother’s Life

Three young boy’s mother is here because of you. Here is the story of Karson, Kyler, and Konrad. Your life saving donations saved their mother after giving birth to Konrad.

Grateful for 19 blood donors who saved my life!

Willis tells how one decision changed his life. Today, he is a advocate for people with disabilities. He also encourages everyone who is able to give blood.  You never know whose life you can save or when you might be the one who needs blood to survive. 

Sarah Sears Story

In 2002, Sarah was all set to give birth to her second child.  Sarah had an emergency c-section.  After surgery, she began to bleed internally. Sarah is alive thanks to voluntary blood donors!

Purple Heart Recipient Finds Reward In Blood Donation

by Jessica Rose, Community Relations Intern

After nearly giving his life for his country, Staff Sergeant Chas Schroeder, 33, says donating blood with the Blood Institute is something else he just has to do. 

The Fort Sill Staff Sergeant suffered shrapnel wounds to his groin and a traumatic brain injury in Afghanistan in 2011. Schroeder and his battalion were attacked by enemy fighters and took hits to their ammunition bunker from rockets.  His injuries occurred as he saved the lives of fellow soldiers.  For his bravery, SSG Schroeder received the Purple Heart Medal, Bronze Star and the National Defense Service Medal.

Drill Sergeant Chas Schroeder joins Blood Institute phlebotomists Holly Jackson (left) and Tarah Churchman (right) along with Mary Spannagel, senior account manager, at a recent Alpha Battery 1-79 blood drive at Fort Sill. Even after saving lives in battle, Schroeder still finds it rewarding to donate blood for those in need locally. “When it came to saving the lives of the soldiers around me, I didn’t think,” he said. “I did what I was trained to do. At the end of the day, knowing that my battle buddies and I saved a few lives is pretty awesome.  Certainly, blood donation is much easier than being in battle.”

Saving lives as Schroeder has, is not something most people think they will ever do. Yet, like him, it can be done by donating blood.  Each donation has the potential to save as many as three peoples’ lives. Less than 10 percent of those who are eligible to donate blood give at least annually. 

Schroeder challenges people to try it. Schroeder says blood donation is just a continuation of his commitment to his fellow man. “I tell my new soldiers, we need to watch and help our battle buddies in any way we can because they will do the same for you,” Schroeder said.

Convenient blood donation centers and mobile drives in your area can be found via the Find A Blood Drive link on our website or by calling 877-340-8777. Anyone 16 or older* and in good health can typically donate blood.

How Blood Donors Saved My Life

by Erin Green, blood recipient

October 17, 2013 did not go as anyone had pictured it. It started as a day filled with anticipation and excitement as I was admitted to the labor and delivery floor to have our first child – a baby girl we named Georgia. It was the day after my due date, so she was actually quite punctual. Erin Green meets donors and staffAfter a pretty easy labor and a smooth delivery of our 8 pound, 8 ounce healthy baby girl, I began feeling ill. The medical staff equated it with a drop in my blood pressure and tilted my bed back to make me feel better, which worked initially. I had lost more blood than normal during the delivery, and it still seemed like there was something wrong.  My doctor told me that I was continuing to bleed and she couldn’t see where it was coming from, so we needed to go to the operating room (OR) to get a better look.

I ended up developing a very rare condition called disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) that kept my blood from clotting normally. DIC has a high mortality rate and is difficult to control. I lost over three liters of my own blood and was in the OR for more than 3 intense hours while numerous physicians, CRNAs, nurses and technicians worked to stop my bleeding.  I received 12 units of blood, 6 units of fresh frozen plasma, and 2 units of platelets before I finally became stable and the bleeding was controlled. What had started as a happy, exciting day had ended in a roller coaster of emotions as my family waited to hear good news about my condition. The next morning I woke up intubated in the critical care unit where I stayed for two days before being able to move back to the labor and delivery floor with my husband and new baby girl. We stayed a total of 5 days in the hospital before we finally brought our little girl home with grateful hearts for the miracle that took place in our lives.

Erin Green's first donationA few weeks after going home from the hospital I had the opportunity, along with my husband Todd and our daughter, to meet some employees from the Arkansas Blood Institute. I was able to thank them and to let them see, first hand, the benefits and changed lives that resulted from the work that they do every day. It was a humbling experience to say the least.

Unfortunately, I have to say that I’ve never donated blood in the past; however, the Arkansas Blood Institute has gained a lifelong blood donor after my experience. If it wasn’t for blood, plasma, and platelet donors, the skilled medical staff wouldn’t have had the resources they needed to save my life and my Georgia would’ve grown up without her mother. I cannot express the extent to which blood donors have affected our family’s life. They kept our world from falling apart that day. Without them, I wouldn’t be enjoying the blessing of becoming a mother to a healthy, happy little girl.  Donating blood is such an easy way that each one of us can give back and change the lives of not only recipients but their loved ones as well. My daughter gets to know her mommy in part because a dozen people decided to donate blood.

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We would like to thank Erin for using “Share Your Story” to tell us her story.

All In: Donor Gives Blood and Estate

by Gary Lynch, director of Development & Sustainability

James Hellams, Loyal platelet donor“I’m a platelet donor, but I don’t feel at ease without a knife or fork,” quipped James Hellams, OKC. His enthusiasm for our life-saving mission has driven him to give 71 gallons (and counting). That’s about 568 times in a donor chair. That’s plenty of time to become renowned as the ‘class clown’ of the central OKC donor center! Now, James is taking his commitment even further. He has designated the Blood Institute as the sole beneficiary of his estate.

James has no immediate family, yet wants to be sure he leaves a legacy with the sizeable estate he has been fortunate enough to accumulate. James’ faith has profoundly influenced his belief in the sanctity of life, and leaving his entire estate to the Blood Institute manifests that belief.

Our Legacy Society honors financial contributors who include the Blood Institute in their estate plans. James will be listed among these generous contributors. Learn about the various ways you can support our life saving mission.

Briley Hostas Story

The Hostas family glowed with joy at the birth of their first child, Briley.  They could have never imagined their precious daughter would need blood transfusions for serious medical conditions not once, but twice, before she turned 5! 

Life was great for the Hostas with lively, happy Briley who seemed healthy.  But things changed quickly, and Briley was diagnosed with leukemia, a blood cancer. At age 3, she was hospitalized and needed blood from numerous donors as she battled for her life.  In just three months’ time, she required as much as six platelet transfusions.

Briley“Each time Briley received the blood transfusions, we were just so thankful that there was blood ready and available for her,” said John Hostas.  Thankfully, the chemotherapy treatments seemed to be working.

But just a year later, the Hostas had another scare.  In May 2012, they received a call that Briley and her grandmother had been in a terrible car accident. Briley’s grandmother Gloria had taken Briley shopping when a semi-truck T-boned the car. Briley broke both of the femurs in her legs.  Sadly, Gloria didn’t survive the crash.

Once again, Briley and her family needed blood donors to help them through a crisis.  Blood from four donors during Briley’s two-week hospital stay helped her heal.

It’s an understatement to say that Briley’s leukemia and the car crash changed the way the Hostas family views blood donation.

“Neither one of us ever gave blood before Briley was diagnosed. We just didn’t think about it,” John said. “But now we give blood every time we can, because it really does save lives, including our little Briley’s.”

Briley completed her treatment for leukemia on March 30, 2013. Now at age seven, Briley is active and playful, ready to take on third grade.

“Without the Blood Institute, it is possible that Briley would not have received the blood she needed to stay alive,” said John. “We are very thankful for all of the blood donors that take the time to go out, give and really make a difference.”

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New Mother Saved, Thanks to Donors

By Sunshine Wingfield, Community Relations Intern

Bryan and Katy Roybal could not have been more excited as the couple welcomed its first child into the world: a precious baby girl named Jane. But only a short time after delivery, Bryan noticed his wife seemed pale and shaky.

Katy Roybal and familyBryan says it quickly went from being the best day of his life to the worst as he watched Katy fight for her life. Doctors discovered Katy was hemorrhaging, and she was immediately rushed to surgery. The procedure did not effectively stop the bleeding, and Katy hemorrhaged a second time. She then underwent an emergency hysterectomy. In total, she needed 22 units of blood plus platelets.

I shudder to think about what would have happened if there hadn’t been blood available,” Katy said. “Without those who donated, my daughter would not have her mother, and my husband would be raising Jane alone.”

Having almost lost his wife in 2011, Bryan was inspired to become a blood donor. “I plan on giving regularly now,” he said.

“We are grateful to all the people who gave blood and saved my life,” said Katy. “They have given our family a second chance.”

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Thank You for Keeping Me Alive!

Driving down the highway on August 11, 2011, I could have never imagined what lie ahead. During a sudden downpour, my car hydroplaned off the road and into a concrete culvert.

Haley in front of the culvert where she crashed.Not only was the passenger side completely crushed, but the transmission was cut in half and the steering wheel was bent. Witnesses didn’t think I was going to make it. 

Among other brutal injuries to my pelvis, vertebrae, and eye, I also tore the main ligament in my neck that supplies all of the blood to the spinal cord.

I received two plasma transfusions after losing copious amounts of blood.

After reaching a point of stability, I was released on August 29, 2011. But the long road to recovery was only beginning. I was sent home with a tracheotomy and was in a wheelchair, but started physical therapy a couple weeks later and had surgery to get the screw taken out of my pelvis.

Now, I still have short-term memory loss, major headaches and neck pain. But because of those who donated blood, I am still alive.

I attend Northeastern State University in Tahlequah every month for traumatic brain injury therapy to regain my memory and learn to multitask.

In April 2013, I became a blood donor and started giving back. I just want to thank everyone who is and has donated blood to save people’s lives like mine. Every donation truly makes a difference.  God bless you all!

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Pictured above, Haley in front of the culvert where she crashed.

We would like to thank Haley for using “Share Your Story” to tell us her story.

Bob Grant