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Platelet Donors Save Lives

Our dedicated platelet donors talk about what it’s like to take it further, giving platelets for cancer patients and those with life-threatening blood diseases.

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Hero Blood Donors Help Save Boy’s Life

Jose Mitchell, age 5, was diagnosed with leukemia shortly after he was adopted by a special new family. 

Now cancer-free, he used blood and platelets from our super hero donors during his two-year battle with the disease.


Cancer Survivor Gets Opportunity to Thank Donors

Holly is now able to thank the blood donors who helped save her life, using Thank-The-Donor™, a one-of-its-kind program developed by your Blood Institute.

More life saving stories


A Dad’s Miracle is the Reason He Donates

Jeremy Hurley’s daughter Mattilyn needed blood to survive when she was born without part of her diaphragm.  Jeremy is now a dedicated blood donor.

Could You Be The Match?

Kamryn Dukes is an 11-year-old who needs a marrow transplant. Blood donors keep her healthy while she waits for a match. Kamryn’s family hopes everyone who is eligible to join the Be The Match registry will so Kamryn and others who need a transplant will find a match.

Your Donation Saved A Mother’s Life

Three young boy’s mother is here because of you. Here is the story of Karson, Kyler, and Konrad. Your life saving donations saved their mother after giving birth to Konrad.

Grateful for 19 blood donors who saved my life!

Willis tells how one decision changed his life. Today, he is a advocate for people with disabilities. He also encourages everyone who is able to give blood.  You never know whose life you can save or when you might be the one who needs blood to survive. 

Sarah Sears Story

In 2002, Sarah was all set to give birth to her second child.  Sarah had an emergency c-section.  After surgery, she began to bleed internally. Sarah is alive thanks to voluntary blood donors!

Purple Heart Recipient Finds Reward In Blood Donation

by Jessica Rose, Community Relations Intern

After nearly giving his life for his country, Staff Sergeant Chas Schroeder, 33, says donating blood with the Blood Institute is something else he just has to do. 

The Fort Sill Staff Sergeant suffered shrapnel wounds to his groin and a traumatic brain injury in Afghanistan in 2011. Schroeder and his battalion were attacked by enemy fighters and took hits to their ammunition bunker from rockets.  His injuries occurred as he saved the lives of fellow soldiers.  For his bravery, SSG Schroeder received the Purple Heart Medal, Bronze Star and the National Defense Service Medal.

Drill Sergeant Chas Schroeder joins Blood Institute phlebotomists Holly Jackson (left) and Tarah Churchman (right) along with Mary Spannagel, senior account manager, at a recent Alpha Battery 1-79 blood drive at Fort Sill. Even after saving lives in battle, Schroeder still finds it rewarding to donate blood for those in need locally. “When it came to saving the lives of the soldiers around me, I didn’t think,” he said. “I did what I was trained to do. At the end of the day, knowing that my battle buddies and I saved a few lives is pretty awesome.  Certainly, blood donation is much easier than being in battle.”

Saving lives as Schroeder has, is not something most people think they will ever do. Yet, like him, it can be done by donating blood.  Each donation has the potential to save as many as three peoples’ lives. Less than 10 percent of those who are eligible to donate blood give at least annually. 

Schroeder challenges people to try it. Schroeder says blood donation is just a continuation of his commitment to his fellow man. “I tell my new soldiers, we need to watch and help our battle buddies in any way we can because they will do the same for you,” Schroeder said.

Convenient blood donation centers and mobile drives in your area can be found via the Find A Blood Drive link on our website or by calling 877-340-8777. Anyone 16 or older* and in good health can typically donate blood.

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