Kids Care Program

Kids Care is an Oklahoma Blood Institute (OBI) program to support elementary learning needs by providing our schools with a community service opportunity that supports common core standards.

Program Description:

  • Kids Care provides for multiple grade level lessons and activities integrated within a community service project of a blood drive for an interactive learning experience.
  • School blood drive dates are set months in advance with consideration for best parent/grandparent/adult involvement and community blood needs.
  • A School Program Administrator from the school will coordinate with an OBI Blood Program Consultant to manage logistical needs and communications.
  • An OBI Blood Program Consultant will present to teachers/faculty the program tools, introduce lessons and activities available and establish access to materials.
  • Teachers are to use a kick-off lesson 2 to 3 weeks ahead of a school-scheduled drive with learning activities available leading up to, during and after the drive.

Program Roles:

  • OBI Blood Program Consultant: contact person provided by OBI to support the school in project curriculum
  • School Program Administrator: contact person from the school to interface with OBI Blood Program Consultant to communicate school needs and progress within the project
  • School Faculty/Teachers: use lessons and activities provided by OBI to meet common core learning objectives and facilitate project involvement
  • Students: recruit adults to donate blood at school drive while learning
  • Parents, Teachers, Grandparents and other Adult School Supporters: give blood at school drive and support student learning

About the Lessons:

All lesson plans are designed to provide ready lessons that support Common Core Curriculum State Standard learning objectives.

If your school is registered with our Kids Care Program, please follow the links below to access the curriculum and other materials.
Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten
1st & 2nd Grade
3rd & 4th Grade
5th & 6th Grade

Request more information or contact a representative about the Kids Care program.

Bob Grant